Practice Tree Tips!

Some tips about how to use your time wisely when hitting the practice tree. This is based on a conversation with Erica Enders-Stevens (@erica_enders) at the NHRA Southern Nationals in 2014.

10,000 GAMES!

Way to go!We can’t believe it but we recently achieved an interesting milestone. Actually, YOU recently achieved an interesting milestone. You have competed in over 10,000 online Practice Tree games since the game debuted a few years ago.

10,000! Wow. That is a lot of games. How many times have you played? There are some of you with a couple hundred under your belt. Way to go!!

Anyway – we are stoked about it. And we hope it is helping everyone get better at the tree. Click here to compete against a random opponent!

Thank you! And help us spread the word about the game by sharing this page! You rock!

Four Wide Practice Tree App Update


Have any of you ever raced four wide? If you have – let us know! We’d love to hear stories about what its like.

It seems like it is confusing to keep track of which lane you are in. That is why we have it do a staggered staging and let you pick the lane before you enter the staging beams. It makes it that much more difficult! Try it out!

We pushed out a new update to the Four Wide Practice Tree app last night. Just wanted to let you know about it. Fixed some bugs and made it operate a little smoother. If you have any feedback – please let us know. We are working on more updates but wanted to get this out to you ASAP. We love hitting the tree 4-WIDE!

New Features Released!


It has been about 3 weeks since we launched updates to our logbook. We are still thrilled to have those new features FINALLY implemented! They were on our “to do” list for so long but we were making so many other infrastructure changes to the site that we just weren’t getting to them in the time frame that we wanted! But alas – we are getting closer!

Today we pushed out a few more new features. We have added the “Road Warrior” Badge which is very cool. Anyone that has entered runs in their logbook from more than 1 track will receive this badge. So that is fun – there are alot of you that will be getting it!

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We also have started adding badges for people who win races in the DragTracker Challenge – our Practice Tree game. The number and kinds of badges for that will grow over time too.

Track_Leaderboard_DragTracker-screenshotEveryone’s favorite social network, Facebook – is now integrated into our site. If you have a Facebook account, you can login with one click. So that makes creating your profile VERY easy and secure.

This is kinda fun – we added a Track Leaderboard. It is a leaderboard of all the tracks in our database with their current weather conditions. Any track that appears to have reasonably decent racing weather (not raining or snowing or too foggy) and is also warmer than 45°F has the possibility of showing up. Tracks are ranked in order of their current weather conditions – specifically DA. The list is constantly changing. We realize of course that you can’t up and drive to the track with the best weather on any given day but it is fun to see if your track shows up on the list on a regular basis.

Finally – we added a new Forum! We had one a few years ago and a few of you used it but it wasn’t integrated with the website very well – it was confusing so we got rid of it. But we think this one is HOT! So please – PLEASE – post in there – introduce yourself and let’s get the conversation going. We are looking for moderators so if you are interested – let us know using the contact page or … with a post in the forum. 🙂

Practice Tree Challenge vs Computer

Hi gang!

You know how you can compete against other drivers in the DragTracker Challenge? Well – its been going pretty well – but we had a problem! The great news – WE FIXED IT!

So we just wanted to post a quick note to let you know that we fixed the issue related to doing a “Rematch” when competing against the computer. It actually may have also fixed a small problem we were seeing with rematches against other users, although we haven’t verified that yet.

Let us know if you find any other issues with the DragTracker Challenge. Currently you can compete against other drivers in both the Android App

For details on how the game works, please visit the “How It Works” page.

Delay Box and Practice Tree

So there I was, laying in bed dreaming about winning foot-brake races and it hit me! What about the delay box guys? Can they use our Practice Tree? Surely they can!

I ran downstairs to my computer and low-and-behold the programming of the tree DID NOT work for delay box guys going off the first bulb. How could I have over looked this!?!?!

Never fear – the problem is solved! I pushed out a new code update that will allow you Delay Box racers to program delay into the “Rollout” field so you can hit the tree on the first bulb and it will work as expected. I tested using a delay box value of 1.040 and added it to a vehicle rollout value of .260 to have an overall rollout of 1.300 and was consistently in the low 0.020 to 0.040 – just as I expected. So with some tweaking of my delay box values, I could settle into the low 0.000 to 0.020 range.

Anyway – you can always leave me a voicemail using the link on the right, or drop me a line on our contact page. I’d love to hear if something is not working as expected. Otherwise, I may go another year before realizing that something else is not working!!

Practice Tree Works on Mobile!

Hey everyone! For the longest time we haven’t had our web-based practice tree work on mobile devices. Well that is all over! Yes indeed – we got it to work so that you can click “Prestage” and then click and hold “Go!” until it is time to launch. This is great, especially for the delay box/throttle stop racers and at a minimum gets us foot brake racers some more experience seeing a tree.


Let us know if you have any thoughts/questions/concerns. We are very excited about this new development and hope that it serves everyone well.

New Site and Bug Fixes

Hey everyone! First of all – a HUGE apology for how our site has looked/worked the past few weeks. We have been transitioning to a new layout/design and have been working on moving over all the latest and greatest code while at the same time fixing bugs.

I think we have the best version of our site! Hopefully it is more intuitive than ever!

The biggest thing we have been working on is our DragTracker Challenge. If you haven’t heard about it – it is the first online game version of a Drag Racing Practice Tree. The way it works is that you can challenge other players randomly, or by username OR you can email them or post links to receive challenges on your favorite forum.

Want to play against John Force? No problem – just copy your forum challenge link, and send it to him on Twitter! Wouldn’t it be fun to challenge the pros? I would personally love to race Greg Anderson head to head on the pro tree!

As always – we are aiming to serve the drag racing community so if you have any feedback – feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.

DragTracker Challenge


Just wanted to apologize to everyone for some bugs that we discovered late last week. Seems like the DragTracker Challenge was logging runs without users being logged in and it ended up not giving the right racers credit for their reaction time. Sorry about that – we have resolved that bug and a few others we found along the way.

If you have any trouble with the game, let us know! We try to test as thoroughly as we can but as with many pieces of software – there are occasional bugs that creep in. Feel free to reach out to us on our Contact page! We want it to work for you – and for everyone!