Pit Manners

Have you broken any of these rules?

Depending on how your local racetrack is laid out – there are different unspoken rules about how to park in the pits, which pit roads are “one way”, etc. There are a few things you can do to be sure you are being respectful to everyone at the track. Here is a short list.

  1. Throw away bottle tops into the trash can (they can slice slicks)
  2. Don’t litter (it can blow into your engine and distract drivers on the track)
  3. Don’t park in front of someone else’s trailer.
  4. If you are driving a hot rod, don’t drink alcohol
  5. If walking through the pits, get to the side! Racers coming back from a run need to get to their pit to cool their engines. Give hot rods and drag bikes the right-of-way.

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