DragTracker Challenge: How It Works!

What is it?

The DragTracker Challenge a game designed to simulate race conditions. It is designed to give you the chance to race an opponent without actually taking a trip down the strip. You can do grudge matches or you can pick random opponents. You can run a full tree or pro.

How it works

Just a few steps.

  1. Login or Register
  2. Choose an opponent
  3. Choose a tree type (full or pro)
  4. Choose your Dial-in
  5. Wait for your opponent to set their dial-in
  6. Race!
  7. Win!

Once a match race is setup, the second player is invited to compete. If they accept, they are immediately brought to the starting line for the challenge. They can leave any time, but the race winner will not be declared until all rounds have been completed by both drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the winner decided? – the winner is decided by who ever has a reaction closest to perfect (0.000) without going under. In the event of a double red-light the first driver to err is the loser. The challenger that wins the most rounds, is declared the match winner.
  • How is lane choice decided? – it is chosen randomly. On occasion the system will allow the first drive to choose their own lane. There is a 16% chance of getting to choose your lane preference.
  • Why can’t I set a Dial-in on a Pro tree? – we haven’t programmed that functionality yet – but it is on our list 😉

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