Practice Tree Event – Lessons Learned

Since the Practice Tree Event we put together a few weeks ago was the first of its kind, thought it would be good to share some lessons learned. And then give you an opportunity to tell us what you liked and didn’t like.


We need to have a form or page where people can sign up. Or maybe we setup an Eventbrite page or something. In any case – we need to have a more clear sign up process. I believe this is true because we got people who were signed up to complete who didn’t play any of the games. That is okay except it wastes the opponent’s time because they go through and compete and don’t get the round resolved.

Game Start

Every game was setup to be such that the first player gets lane choice. I thought this would be cool but with almost 100 games to play, it just got annoying. Next time I’ll just let it do its usual randomly picking lanes or lane choice.


We got some complaints about this. Some drivers have a very specific rollout they prefer to use. We need to allow, when they sign up, for them to choose their rollout so there is no hard feelings.

# of Games

With 100 some players, and everyone going in the random pool 100 times, this made for a lot of games. Too many games, in fact. So next time – I think we’ll limit it to 20 or 10 or something more manageable. If we have a more honed sign up process, it will probably mean fewer players over all, but I still want to limit it more.


I think the game has a lot of potential to be fun. But we need more players who are really interested in participating. So that is where we will market to people who would want to play and having the sign up form eliminates the risk that they don’t care at all. So everyone will play their rounds.

Your Thoughts?

So what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below. Love to hear your thoughts and get your feedback on it all.

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