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Insane Track Prep!

Check out our latest vlog video from the Southern Nationals event in Atlanta (Commerce) Georgia!

And check out this vid from our friends at

A Bunch of Updates!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that we pushed out a TON of updates today. The highlights include the following:

  1. “Overcast?” flag – now you can annotate when you made a pass and there was no overhead sun
  2. Track Temperature” field – there is now a field that is part of the “Track” section of the Add/Edit logbook page that allows you to specify the track temperature if you have access to that information. You have to go to “Tools” -> “Preferences” and add it to your “Optional Fields” for it to show up in your logbook. By default, it is no visible
  3. 594′ Timer – for some tracks, an optional 594′ interval time is available. This came up as part of a request from a driver at Central Illinois Dragway and they use that time to help them have a good sense of what the time would have been if they hadn’t hit the brakes. This field will automatically show up if you pick a racetrack that is marked as one in our database as having the 594′ timer.

As usual – hit us back if you have any trouble – we’d love to have your feedback so we can continue making the logbook (and all our tools) the best they can be!

10,000 GAMES!

Way to go!We can’t believe it but we recently achieved an interesting milestone. Actually, YOU recently achieved an interesting milestone. You have competed in over 10,000 online Practice Tree games since the game debuted a few years ago.

10,000! Wow. That is a lot of games. How many times have you played? There are some of you with a couple hundred under your belt. Way to go!!

Anyway – we are stoked about it. And we hope it is helping everyone get better at the tree. Click here to compete against a random opponent!

Thank you! And help us spread the word about the game by sharing this page! You rock!

Car Fire! NOOO!

Pretty crazy. When it rains it pours. Hmmm. Interesting metaphor. Of course – when these guys had their cars on fire – they would HAVE LOVED it if it would have poured.

Don’t go racing without a fire extinguisher. PLEASE!

What is a vlog?

Well – it ends up being another avenue for you to hear from us. We are ALL ABOUT Drag Racing and between races (those yucky 6 days where we have to work or whatever) we want to reach out to you and even more importantly, we want to hear from you.

We just hit a milestone with our 7th Podcast (online radio show) Episode and realized that we have so much more we can say between episodes. So, we had to start that conversation – and what better way to start it than with complaining about pollen! It makes your WHOLE RACECAR have a yellow hue and don’t even start to talk to me about having a sneezing attack when you are getting ready to run.

Check out our first vlog entry on YouTube and more importantly – subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any updates!

Weather Tracking: KJ Style

I know this is an older article – although I don’t see a publication date on it – but it is worth the read. This highlights the main things we consider as part of raceday preparation. Current weather and changing weather. It is truly a science.


Gatornational’s Ticket

We posted a picture of an actual ticket from the ’79 Gatornational’s event to twitter this weekend. Thought we would share it here, today.


Do you have any cool images of memorabilia like this?

Four Wide Practice Tree App Update


Have any of you ever raced four wide? If you have – let us know! We’d love to hear stories about what its like.

It seems like it is confusing to keep track of which lane you are in. That is why we have it do a staggered staging and let you pick the lane before you enter the staging beams. It makes it that much more difficult! Try it out!

We pushed out a new update to the Four Wide Practice Tree app last night. Just wanted to let you know about it. Fixed some bugs and made it operate a little smoother. If you have any feedback – please let us know. We are working on more updates but wanted to get this out to you ASAP. We love hitting the tree 4-WIDE!